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Perrin Performance Promo from J. Christopher Miller on Vimeo.

A good friend of mine Chris Miller called me a few weekends back and said he had an opportunity to play with a really cool Sony F3 35mm HD video camera. This is one of those $20,000 cameras used in the film industry to make full length featured movies and commercials and what not. He wanted to come by and shoot my STI (recently matte blacked) to do some testing with it, of course I said sure! Having never seen what professional videographers do and how they setup for things like this, i was for sure impressed with rigging, and booms and crazy things he did to make the video you see. Chris works in the film industry and does lots of local commercial filming as well as automotive events like Rally America so things like this to him are not as cool as i think they are. Never the less, it was impressive. All this was done in the middle of our warehouse in just a few hours.

We got to know Chris from a few SubieFest events over the years, and of course he is a Subaru guy. He has a 92 Loyale Ea82 that is lifted, has an EJ22 swap, and lots of other things that turn it in to a sweet offroad vehicle. Mainly so he can get to crazy locations for filming things like rally events. Thanks again Chris for filming and editing this video for us! It turned out great! Give Chris an email at [email protected] if you have some video type need!

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