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No really.... Wheel Spacers are not Scary

and easy to add to your Subaru

PERRIN wheel spacers are perfectly sized to be an off the shelf solution for pushing stock Subaru wheels out flush with the fenders. PERRIN spacers can also be used with many aftermarket wheels, which may not be available in an offset that is correct for your Subaru. If your wheels are not sitting flush where you want them, measure your wheels to see which PERRIN wheel spacers are for you.

How to measure for PERRIN wheel spacers

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  1. Place a straight edge across the face of the wheel and tire combination. Make sure the straight edge touches both sides of the tire to make sure that the straight edge truly represents the front face of the wheel.
  2. Use your measuring tool to measure from the inside of the straight edge to the inside of the fender lip.
  3. Take the measurement at the point where the wheel and tire is closest to the fender. This may be closer to the  front or rear edge of the fender rather than top dead center.

Watch them get installed

Glossary of terms


Hub-centric wheel spacers have a center lip which allows wheels to fit snugly against your cars mounting hub while supporting the weight of the entire wheel and not relying on just the wheel studs to carry the load. Hub-centric spacers also help to center your wheels during installation and the inside lip helps resist shear force loads from wheel impacts.

What is Wheel Offset?

If you wish to give the car an aggressive or manly look, PERRIN wheel spacers will give that appearance to your car Tsukasa Azuma

Measured from the center point of the wheel, wheel offset refers to the mounting surface of your wheels in relation to the inside lip of the wheel.

    • Zero offset: The mounting surface of the wheel is exactly in line with the middle of the wheel.
    • Negative offset: The mounting surface of the wheel is closer to the inside lip of the rim. These would be deep dish wheels like those on big trucks and Jeeps.
    • Positive offset: The mounting surface of the wheel is closer to the the front lip or front face of the wheel. Positive offset wheels are closer to the front face of the rim, flush with the fender like on a Honda, Kia, and other front-wheel drive cars.


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