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Relocating your license plate is one of the quickest and easiest ways to change the way your car looks. Moving it from the stock placement to the side of the bumper can give your front end a modified look in less than an hour without breaking the bank.

PERRIN License Plate Relocation Kits are made from aluminum and feature an anodized finish to promote durability and corrosion resistance. They’re also designed to allow you to adjust the height to get it exactly where you want it and are contoured to give your plate equal spacing along the bumper. As an added benefit to relocating your license plate, you’ll also increase airflow to your radiator and intercooler, which will help improve engine performance. One of the other great things about license plate relocation kits is that they’re one of the simplest accessories to install, making them one of the most accessible modifications, no matter how experienced you are with working on cars. Below, we have guides, links, and galleries for the range of license plate relocation kits we offer, as well as license plate delete kits designed to complement this modification by covering up the empty holes leftover for a clean, finished look.

Subaru License Plate Relocation Kits

We have license plate relocation kits for a variety of Subarus, including the WRX, STI, BRZ, Crosstrek, Forester, Legacy, Impreza, and Outback. 

Installation only takes about 15 minutes, can be done with a few common tools, and doesn’t require you to drill permanent holes into your bumper. All of these Subarus have a hidden tow hook attachment on the front bumper that these kits use. All you need to do to relocate the license plate is take a flathead screwdriver and pop off that cover. Once you expose the tow hook mounting point, you can screw on the license plate holder stem and attach the plate holder. With that in place, you just need to get the license plate and plate frame on with the supplied washers and screws and you are set.

Once you’ve relocated the license plate, adding a license plate delete kit will help give the front end a completed look by covering up the remaining factory license plate mount holes. These plate deletes are reversible to help you match the look you’re going for and only take a couple of minutes to install.

Check out how a license plate relocation kit looks on some different Subaru models below.

Toyota Supra & 86 License Plate Relocation Kit

Adding a license plate relocation kit to a Toyota Supra, 86 or GR86 follows the same model: pop open the stock tow hook mount cover and install the kit there. If you’re installing the kit on a 2022-2023 GR86, pop on a license plate delete and call it good.

See these photos showing how a Toyota 86 and Supra with a license plate relocation and delete kit looks.

Scion FR-S License Plate Relocation Kit

Relocating the license plate on a Scion FR-S follows the same tow hook mounting installation process. Get the mount cover off the front bumper, screw in the stem, and get the plate on there. 

See how an FR-S with a license plate relocation kit and license plate delete looks in the gallery below.

Honda Civic License Plate Relocation Kit

Due to how differently the front end is designed, the PERRIN License Plate Relocation Kit for the Honda Civic Si and Civic Type R mounts to the fog light bracket instead of the tow hook. This installation is a little more involved, and for 2020+ models, you have to drill a hole through the painted portion of the front bumper fog lamp bezel. The 2017-2019 models also require drilling, but not in a way that harms the painted portion. The kit attaches securely to the bumper beam with a couple of heavy duty bolts to ensure safety and rigidity. 

Check out these photos of how the PERRIN License Plate Relocation Kit looks on a Honda Civic Si and Type R.

Nissan GT-R License Plate Relocation Kit

Similar to the Subaru license plate relocation kits, the PERRIN License Plate Relocation Kit for the Nissan GT-R attaches directly to the OEM tow hook mount. This design allows for the plate to be supported without having to drill holes into your front bumper. This kit’s components are also made from thick plate aluminum and given a black finish to help you rest assured that it won’t begin corroding as soon as you install it.

Check out how installing these accessories improves the look of a Nissan GT-R. 

What Do I Need To Install A License Plate Relocation Kit And A License Plate Delete Kit On My Car?

The PERRIN license plate relocation and delete kits require only common tools to finish the installation. This is a great first accessory to install yourself, and both of these modifications should take less than an hour to complete regardless of how experienced you are at modifying your car. All you need are a couple of wrenches, a flathead, a Phillips-head screwdriver, and your hands. 

You can install all these parts yourself and find installation guides for each on the respective product pages. Some can be installed with just your bare hands, while others only require basic tools. Each upgrade comes with the mounting hardware you need to make sure everything is properly secured when you’re pushing it at the track or headed to the car meet. If you have any questions though, don’t hesitate to reach out: we’re always here to help.

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