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Are you looking to add some style and protection to your engine bay? Consider the PERRIN Cam Solenoid Covers!

PERRIN Cam Solenoid Covers


The PERRIN Cam Solenoid Covers are designed to fit over the cam solenoids on your Subaru's engine, adding a sleek and functional touch to the area. Made of billet aluminum and available in a variety of colors, the PERRIN Cam Solenoid Covers are a great way to customize the look of your vehicle.

Added Protection

Not only do the cam solenoid covers look good, but they also act as a barrier to protect fragile electrical components and prevent expensive repairs down the road.


Installing the PERRIN Cam Solenoid Covers is a straightforward process that can be done in just a few minutes. They come with all the necessary hardware and install using basic hand tools. Plus, they're designed as a direct fit for your Subaru, so you don't have to worry about any modifications.

Psp Eng 172 Bk 03


  • 2015-2022 WRX
  • 2022-2023 GR86
  • 2013-2016 FR-S
  • 2013-2022 BRZ
  • 2014-2018 Forester XT
  • 2020-2022 Legacy XT
  • 2020-2022 Outback XT
  • 2019-2023 Ascent


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