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I am sure everyone has seen the new info about the new Garrett GTX turbos and maybe seen the generic pics Garrett supplied to the media, but here are some up close and personal pics! Sorry for the somewhat less professional pics taken on my desk, but i was so excited when they showed up that i didn't want to wait! Pictured above is the GT3071R, GT3076R, GTX3076R, GT3582R and GTX3582R. Its easy to see the billet wheels from this angle and size of them really stands out. You can see the compressor housings are the same design but machined to fit the slightly larger GTX wheel. Its not just the ID of the housing but also the shape of the curve that fits the compressor wheel. They still have that annoying/ugly and not smooth lip from the surge port transition to the ID. Garrett provides this info on the compressor wheel sizes, but what they don't say is what the actual OD of the wheel is! Turbo______ Inducer____Exducer___Trim __AR GT3071R_____ 53.1mm____ 71.0mm____ 56___ 0.50 GTX3071R____ 54.1mm____ 71.4mm____ 58___ 0.60 GT3076R_____ 57.0mm____ 76.2mm____ 56___ 0.60 GTX3076R____ 58.0mm____ 76.6mm____ 58___ 0.60 The GTX wheels use "New Aero" but they do not mention the extended tips of the wheel as a feature. Probably because BW uses this feature. Its a greats simple way to get a little more air flow from a compressor wheel The Exducer on the GTX3071R is 73.45mm (2.05mm bigger than claimed) and the exducer on the GTX3076R is 78.7mm (2.1mm bigger than claimed) GTX3071R_GT3071R_overlap Taking a look at the compressor maps you can see that now customers looking to make 400WHP may opt for the faster spooling GTX3071R instead of the GT3076R. The GTX3076R looks like a 35R now and as long as it still spools fast, it may be a great option for those torn between the two sizes. The GT3582R pictured is the common non-ported shroud (which has an optional ported shroud), compared to the GTX which only comes with the ported shroud. Garrett Provides this info: Turbo______ Inducer____Exducer___Trim __AR GT3582R_____ 61.4mm____ 82.0mm____ 56___ 0.70 GTX3582R____ 62.5mm____ 82.5mm____ 58___ 0.70 Again they don't mention the extended tip size, but the GTX3582R measures 84.7mm, which is 2.2mm bigger than claimed. Looking at the compressor maps you can see, just like the other turbos that now customers thinking of doing a GT4088R, now might consider the GTX3582R. Its almost 100 engine HP more than the old one! Again it all depends on when it spools up. The full 11 blade compressor wheel is very nice looking, but does it work is the question! Garretts info says: Forged, fully-machined compressor wheel featuring next-generation GTX aerodynamics * Compressor wheel is 11 full-blade design. As i mentioned before they say nothing about the extended tips! You can see above the side profile showing the tips and how they protrude out from the wheel. I know this is not proven power, but look for results in Part 2.


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