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All Testing was done at the 1.2, 1.5, 1.7 and 1.9 bar of boost. Below are tall the 1.7 bar runs which are the most consistent ones i had to compare with all turbos. Not the best comparison because this is the one where the TGV housing was closed on my car. So it was killing the HP up top. Since the smaller turbo spooled slower, its possible that it effect spool a little as well. Below was my previous favorite EFR turbo. There are two things here. The AR of the 7064 was .83 versus the 7163's .64. So the EFR7064 is slower spooling for sure. The second thing is the boost falls off on the 7064. This is because the WG actuator was not strong enough. I never got a chance to install the push/pull WG actuator as i had to send the 7064 back to you. Here is the boost curve showing the drop in boost. The below graph is the EFR7670 and 7163. Is the extra 22WHP work the lag?? The below graph is the GT3076r with smaller more comparable .63ar housing. For sure the EFR7163 is the winner here. Same or better power, and better response. And the GTX3076R test with a .82AR housing. Much laggier and only a bit more power. Again, is 20WHP worth it? Now the fun graphs. The EFR blows the doors off the OEM IHI turbo. And hardly any less responsive. The response shows up more here, but still its not very noticeable at all. I drove one of our employees cars and our cars are very similar feeling but mine blows the doors off his car. This is a 2011 WRX(smaller turbo than STI) and you can see in the red run where i had the manifold really hot that it spooled quicker than this car.

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