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This all-new R56 Turbo Inlet Hard Pipe replaces our all-silicone turbo inlet hose which was a staple of our R56 parts line up. We have taken our old version and stepped it up a notch by making it out of combination of CNC'ed aluminum and mandrel bends to create and even bigger and better, not to mention nicer looking, R56 turbo inlet hose. Choose between red wrinkle and black wrinkle finishes that match the new style R56 Cold Air Intakes.

Below are the dyno results seen on our R56 when we did nothing but switch out the turbo inlet hose! The car started out with a turboback exhaust, Cold Air Intake, and FMIC (the blue run) and then we added the Turbo Inlet Hard Pipe (the green run). The results of almost 10WHP and the addition of quicker turbo response, makes the Turbo Inlet Hard Pipe hose a great addition to your Mini! dyno_intake_r56inlethosetest Below is the same test done on a JCW. These cars come with an upgraded turbo inlet hose from the factory, so we wanted to see how the ALTA version compares to this. As you can see it does make more HP! dyno_intake_09jcwinlethosetest


The heart of the new Turbo Inlet Hard Pipe is the CNC machine turbo inlet nozzle, which doubles as a turbo bellmouth, and a coupler to connect the inlet pipe to the turbo. This allows us to use larger than normal tubing right up to the turbo inlet creating the largest possible Inside Diameter, which means more HP and better turbo response! amp-int-43X_r56inletweldbung Starting immediately after the MAF sensor is large 2.75" tubing that continues down to the just a few inches before the turbo where a smooth transition to 2.5" tubing is made. From there our CNC aluminum turbo nozzle is welded on, making a perfect transition from the 2.5" tubing to the tiny turbo inlet. You can see by the side by side comparison of the OEM turbo inlet hose, how our hose is much bigger through out. amp-int-43X_r56inlethoseid And below is the same comparison of the JCW turbo inlet hose. As you can see the OEM JCW hose bigger than the OEM MCS hose. amp-int-43X_jcwinlethoseid01 We started developing the new turbo inlet hard pipe due to supply issues issues we had with the all-silicone hose. Besides being able to actually supply customers with parts, our other goal was to step it up a notch by making it even bigger and even more freer flowing than the old one. We did this using a combination of 2.75" and 2.5" tubing, and the CNC'd aluminum nozzle. Below you can see a cut away of the nozzle and tube mating up to it. What is hard to see is that there is a small lip where the 2.5" tubing meets the air horn part of the nozzle. This helps the transition as well as helps get rid of the square corner that would normally be left behind. From there a traditional style air horn (something found on race cars) provides a smooth transition for the air directly to the turbo inlet. From there you can see the 2 grooves cut to hold the o-rings which are used to seal this to the turbo inlet. amp-int-43X_nozzlecutaway01 With all these new features and changes we feel we have out done our selves in the Mini world once again!

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