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Improve your GR86’s looks, performance, and handling with our list of favorite mods.

Our Top 5 Ways of Modding a Toyota GR86

Owning a Toyota GR86 means embracing a legacy of performance and precision engineering. To unlock the full potential of this sporty coupe, upgrading the intake, exhaust, inlet hose, air oil separator, and dressing up the engine are essential. With a few Toyota GR86 mods, you can enhance the performance, aesthetics, and overall driving experience yourself.

1- GR86 Cold Air Intake System

Upgrade your GR86's intake system with a high-flow cold air intake to optimize airflow to the engine. This modification increases horsepower and torque by allowing the engine to breathe more freely. With improved airflow, throttle response becomes sharper, and the engine delivers a more exhilarating driving experience.

2- GR86 Catback Exhaust

Upgrade the exhaust system of your GR86 with a performance-oriented catback exhaust. This aftermarket modification not only enhances the exhaust note, giving your GR86 a more aggressive and sporty sound but also improves exhaust flow, resulting in increased power and torque. Additionally, a well-designed exhaust system reduces back pressure, improving engine efficiency and overall performance.

3- Upgraded Inlet Hose: Increase Airflow

Consider upgrading the inlet hose of your GR86 to a high-performance silicone hose. This modification replaces the factory hose with a more durable and heat-resistant alternative that increases the hose diameter from 2.7” to 3.0”, ensuring consistent airflow to the engine. By reducing restrictions in the intake tract, a high-quality inlet hose improves throttle response and enhances overall engine performance.

4- Air Oil Separator

Install an air oil separator (AOS) to prevent oil vapors from contaminating the intake system of your GR86. This upgrade separates oil particles from the crankcase ventilation system, ensuring cleaner air enters the engine. By reducing oil ingestion, an AOS helps maintain optimal engine performance and prolongs the life of critical engine components.

5- Engine Dress Up: Adding Style Under the Hood

Make your GR86's engine bay stand out with our engine dress up pieces. With engine covers, strut braces, and oil caps, we have multiple color options available to customize the look of your engine bay. Engine dress-up upgrades add a touch of style and showcase your attention to detail to wow onlookers.

Investing in upgrades for your Toyota GR86 allows you to tailor your vehicle to your driving preferences and enhance its performance and aesthetics. Whether you're focused on improving intake airflow, optimizing exhaust flow, or adding visual flair under the hood, these top 5 upgrades offer a comprehensive approach to elevating your GR86 driving experience. Explore the world of parts and unleash the full potential of your GR86 on the road or track with PERRIN.

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