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Improve your WRX’s looks, performance, handling, and ergonomics with our list of favorite mods.

Our Top 5 Favorite Ways Of Modding A WRX

As Subaru enthusiasts, we understand the thrill of owning a performance-driven vehicle like the WRX. As incredible of a platform as it is in its stock configuration, it’s easy to take your ride to the next level by getting a handful of upgrades that you can install yourself. Read about our 5 favorite ways to quickly and easily customize the looks, performance, handling, and ergonomics of your WRX.

1- Making What’s Under The Hood Pop: WRX Engine Dress Up Kits

When you pop the hood to show off what you’re running, you want to be confident in how good it looks. Our engine dress up kits add touches of color to make your setup stand out and impress anyone. Intercooler shrouds, pulley covers, radiator shrouds, strut braces, and caps together make a huge difference in the way your engine looks.

2- Handling Upgrades: WRX Strut Bars

To harness the full potential of your WRX, making minor modifications to the suspension system will go a long way towards improving its handling. Adding a strut brace not only enhances the driving dynamics but also provides a more connected and engaging feel on the road. Adding swaybars, endlinks, and shock tower braces can further improve how your WRX handles. The right suspension modifications ensure that your WRX delivers both performance and comfort.

3- Making A Statement: WRX License Plate Relocation Kits

While performance is key, looks play a crucial role in making your WRX stand out. Upgrading exterior components such as license plate relocation kits can make a small change that transforms the appearance of your vehicle. Tighten up the detail with a license plate delete to complete the look.

4- Performance Tuning: WRX Cold Air Intakes

One of the most exciting aspects of owning a WRX is the potential for performance enhancements. Adding a cold air intake can significantly boost horsepower and torque. Taking the upgrades further with an axle back exhaust system also enhances the distinctive boxer engine growl, providing an exhilarating driving experience.

5- Ergonomics: WRX Shifter Stops

Beyond the exterior and under the hood, upgrading your shifter can significantly enhance your driving experience. Adding a super shifter stop eliminates slop and makes each shift a thrill. Take it to the next level by adding shifter bushings and a shift knob to not only improve the look of your controls, but also make them more comfortable.

Investing in upgrades for your Subaru WRX allows you to personalize your vehicle to make driving more exciting and the way it looks unique. Whether you're focused on performance, aesthetics, handling, or ergonomics, these top 5 ways to upgrade an WRX offer a comprehensive approach to elevating your driving experience.

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