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Transform the way your Forester looks and performs with these 5 easy upgrades.

Our Top 5 Ways of Modding a Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester is known for its versatility and capability, being as comfortable navigating city streets as it is exploring off-road trails. To maximize the potential of your Forester and make it stand out from the crowd, adding strut bars, license plate relocation kits, crank pulleys, oil caps and battery tie downs, and wheel spacers can go a long way.

1- Enhance Stability and Handling: Strut Bars

Upgrade your Subaru Forester's suspension system with strut bars to improve chassis rigidity and reduce body roll during cornering. Front strut bars and rear sway bars distribute forces more evenly across the chassis, resulting in improved stability and handling characteristics. Whether you're tackling twisty roads or uneven terrain, strut bars enhance the Forester's overall driving dynamics, providing a more connected and confident driving experience.

Psp sus 056rd 02

2- Clean Up The Front End: License Plate Relocation Kits

Opt for a license plate relocation kit to make your Subaru Forester stand out. These kits relocate the license plate to the side of the lower grill area, giving your Forester a cleaner and more streamlined appearance. Additionally, relocating the license plate can improve airflow to the radiator to improve cooling performance.

Psp bdy 207 forester

3- Optimize Engine Performance: Lightweight Crank Pulleys

Upgrade the crank pulleys of your Subaru Forester with lightweight alternatives to reduce rotational mass and improve engine responsiveness. Lightweight crank pulleys decrease the inertia experienced by the engine's rotating components, allowing the engine to rev more freely and deliver power more efficiently. This results in improved throttle response, smoother acceleration, and enhanced overall performance, especially in high-revving situations.

Psp eng 100rd install

4- Add Style & Functionality: Oil Caps & Battery Tie Downs

Install oil caps and battery tie downs to add a touch of style and personalization to your Forester’s engine bay. Choose from a variety of colored anodized finishes to complement the look of your Forester's engine bay. Additionally, aftermarket battery tie downs provide added security for the battery, preventing movement during spirited driving or off-road adventures.

Psp Eng 711 Bk Install 01 1

5- Achieve The Perfect Stance: Wheel Spacers

Get the stance you’re looking for with wheel spacers that push the wheels outwards, creating a more aggressive and flush fitment. Wheel spacers increase the track width of the vehicle, improving stability and handling characteristics, especially during cornering. Additionally, wheel spacers allow for the installation of wider wheels and tires, giving your Forester a more customized and aggressive look on the road or trail.

Psp whl 020 09

Investing in aftermarket upgrades for your Subaru Forester allows you to tailor your vehicle to your driving preferences and elevate its performance and style. Whether you're focused on improving handling with strut bars, adding a touch of personalization with license plate relocation kits, or optimizing engine responsiveness with crank pulleys, these easy upgrades offer a comprehensive approach to elevating your Forester driving experience. Explore our range of Subaru Forester parts to transform your ride today.

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