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Looking for the best track day upgrades? These Subaru mods will take your car to the next level!

Our Top 5 Track Day Upgrades for Your Subaru

Closed course racing allows you to test out your Subaru mods and racing skills, which is why track days are so much fun. These track day upgrades can help you take your Subaru (and your driving) to the next level!

1- Oil Cooler & Front Mount Intercooler Kits


When you’re racing, you want your engine to be at peak performance, but racing conditions can cause it to get pretty hot under the hood. If you’ve turbocharged or modified your Subaru, aftermarket front mount intercoolers and oiler cooler kits can help keep it from overheating.

A high-quality engine oil cooling system, for example, allows for good airflow to pass through to keep temperatures in the desired range. PERRIN Oil Cooler Kits can lower the oil temperature up to 15-20 degrees at 7000 RPM. Not only does this keep your horsepower more consistent, but it can even extend your engine life.

While Subaru models come with factory top mounted intercoolers, they often can’t handle performance modifications like aftermarket turbos, which discharge extra heat. PERRIN Front Mount Intercooler Kits work to increase horsepower and torque without ECU recalibration or tuning. Plus, their bar and plate design can withstand rocks and other debris, making it more durable and long-lasting than tube and fin design intercoolers.

2- Exhaust

PSP EXT 341 BR 01

Whether you’re at the racetrack with your STI or WRX sports car, the right exhaust can increase performance and change the sound of your vehicle. The PERRIN Axle Back Exhaust is designed to have a mellow, pleasing rumble at lower RPMs. When driving vigorously, the system transitions into an aggressive tone that every car needs.

Featuring an EPA-approved catalyst and 3” plumbing, the PERRIN Front Pipe with Catalyst for 2022-2024 WRX perfectly complements your axle back exhaust system.

3- Steering Dampener Lockdown & Rear Shock Tower Brace

PSP SUS 042 RD 03

Racing is all about creating a solid connection between you and your vehicle so you can make intuitive driving decisions. Subaru mods like steering dampener lockdowns and shock tower braces greatly improve the feel of your drive.

Many Subaru models come with steering dampeners installed, which are designed to reduce feedback from the road. While this can be fine under ordinary driving conditions, when you’re on the track, the factory dampener allows for slop in the steering wheel that doesn’t actually move the wheels. The PERRIN Steering Dampener Lockdown reduces the slop so that you can feel the same turn of the tires as you feel in your steering wheel.

Races can be won or lost in the cornering phase, which is why PERRIN Rear Shock Tower Braces can be such an important track day upgrade. Not only do they improve steering precision under high load conditions, but they reduce understeer and improve chassis rigidity, all of which prevent tire wear and metal fatigue in the shock tower area.

4- Master Cylinder Brace

PSP BRK 403 11

Cornering isn’t just about steering, it’s also about braking, which is why you’ll want your brakes to be as responsive as possible. That’s where PERRIN Master Cylinder Braces come in. Factory Subaru models feature brake pedals that are connected to the thin sheet metal firewall which flexes as you apply the brakes. The problem is, that the firewall is flimsy enough that it can’t deal with the repeated force of braking, especially at track speeds.

The brace mod significantly reduces the flex, which means your brake pedal becomes instantly stiffer and more responsive during heavy braking and smaller slowdowns. As strong as it is lightweight, the hardware is quick to install and available in red, black, and neon yellow depending on fitment, so you can customize the look of your Subaru WRX or STI.

5- Super Shifter Stop

Psp Inr 02 X 03

If you’re driving a Subaru WRX, you’ve probably noticed an unacceptable amount of horizontal and vertical slop within the 1st and 2nd gear-shift gates. The easy-to-install PERRIN Super Shifter Stop for WRX instantly reduces the loose, sloppy feel so there’s a more solid and tactile connection between the driver and the transmission. Plus, it prevents over shifts, which could otherwise strain your transmission components and cause other damage. If you’re in the market for inexpensive Subaru WRX performance mods that greatly improve the driving experience, you won’t want to pass up this part, which is under $50 and can be installed in under an hour.

Now that you know what you need to make the most of your track day experience, it’s time to start shopping. Shop our huge selection of Subaru aftermarket parts that can improve the look, feel, and performance of your Subaru. In the meantime, check out the PERRIN Performance Blog, where we provide helpful resources like the Top 5 Subaru STI Upgrades and How to Customize a Subaru WRX Engine Bay.

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