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PERRIN Gurney Flap Installation is Easier Than it Seems

Add an aggressive aesthetic and, in some applications, increase downforce with the PERRIN Gurney Flap.


As demonstrated in the video above, the PERRIN Gurney Flap is easy to install by following our step-by-step instructions. To increase stability and prevent the gurney flap from detaching from your car while driving, our gurney flap does require you to drill into the existing trunk spoiler to bolt the part on. The final look and added reliability makes this step worth it!

Aggressive Aesthetic

The PERRIN Gurney Flap adds aggressive styling to your trunk spoiler. Without looking too intrusive, the gurney flap modification adds a small amount of height to your existing spoiler for a clean, clearly modified look.


Our gurney flap is constructed from 10g 6061-T6 plate aluminum to eliminate corrosion and rusting. Precision laser cut and slotted holes allow for alignment adjustments during installation for a perfect fit.


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