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How to Eliminate Strut Tower Flex on Your 10th Gen Honda Civic 

If you own a 10th Gen Honda Civic and love to push it to its limits, then you have likely noticed the flex in the strut tower. This flex changes the static camber, toe, and caster features, making steering response and body roll more unpredictable. To eliminate this flex, you need an ultra-strong strut tower brace 

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How it Works

The PERRIN Strut Brace improves chassis rigidity, enhances  steering precision, and reduces understeer. It does this through tension and compression. The strut brace transfers the load of each strut tower to the opposing strut tower, reducing flex by tying them together. This can also reduce tire wear and metal fatigue.


The PERRIN Strut Brace is manufactured from high-quality materials. The strut bar is built from mandrel bent 4130 chromoly tubing and the feet are constructed from CNC-machined aluminum. This makes the strut bar durable while also remaining lightweight. The strut bar is powder coated in either glossy red or metallic silver to accent your car and provide protection against the elements.  

The PERRIN Strut Brace improves chassis rigidity, enhances steering precision, and reduces understeer.


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