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When you email [email protected], or need help with an AccessPORT map, or ask for help with installing your PERRIN Radiator Shroud, you get Cone. Chris Cone that is. Chris handles all the AccessPORT customers along with all the general tech stuff. Chris is 100% a car, guy but never actually tuned a car on the dyno. Over the years he started to pick up on why we tune things a certain way, and started to understand some of the basics behind tuning. Chris had just got his first 06 STI and he really wanted me to tune his car. I told him NO, but you can. We took this occasion to do some retesting of a few parts and started with Stage 1. I tuned it showing Chris the basics behind the software and how we tune the cars. At this point we installed his Turboback exhaust while the car was on the dyno, and ran the Stage 1 mapping with the turbo back exhaust installed. You can see the graph below, the yellow line represents his car in stock form, then middle hatched turquoise line is Stage 1 tuning with the turboback exhaust installed. The upper solid turquoise line was Chris's work. Like all the STI tunes its all about boost. More boost more power. Chris pushed the turbo to around 18psi and let it taper down to 14 at redline and as you can see it broke past the 300WHP barrier. Overall it was a pretty decent gain going from Stage 1 ECU tuning with the turboback exhaust installed to the custom tuned Stage2 map. 20WHP and 20 ft-lbs isn't too bad for a first time tuner. To recap Chris's car has our PERRIN 3" Single Cat Downpipe, 3" catback exhaust, and also our Short Ram intake system installed. If your car matches his perfectly, i bet if you ask nice, he will email the special "Cone 06 STI Stage 2 92 Octane map" for free! As long as you bought an AP from us.....

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