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There will be three main ways to install this.

1. Simple method blocking PCV off, Teeing Valve cover vents,

2. Using included PCV valve

3. Race car method with no crank case vent, only valve cover vents and crank case vent used for drainback. Both left and right valve cover vent ports on AOS body used. Adjustibility


Here is a bunch of quick pictures. Below is the overview shot.


Bracket location


vent routing


Single valve cover vent routing plug the extra hole on body.


Different angle


Dual Valve cover venting


Remove this and plug up hole


Crank case vent adapter


AOS drain routing


Crank case vent routing


AOS coolant routing


Don't do this yet, but this is the PCV setup



I will be working on this tomorrow, so check back in!


Here some super basic instructions.

First off you will need to mount the can, after that, these things will all make more sense.

The bottom to the can has 3 ports. two of them are coolant in and out. These are the two right next to each other. Install the fittings and using the supplied coolant hose, route them both to the coolant lines coming off the throttle body. Disconnect one of the lines on the throttle body and install the supplied hose to the fitting and clamp it down. The other open end (from the OEM hose) needs to get a plastic straight fitting installed into it to join the OEM hose to our hose.

Block off the two forward facing ports on the AOS. Install the upper vacuum fitting, and the side fitting as shown in the picture. The upper fitting will go to the inlet hose and the other will go to the crank case vent that was going to the inlet hose. All that should be pretty simple.

Locate the PCV connection on the block which is behind the intake manifold. Remove the rubber hose from the fitting. Then unscrew the fitting from the block and install one of the supplied fittings. Install a 1/2" hose going from this fitting to any of the side ports on the AOS body.

The oil drain is the tricky connection. This is the remaining small port on the bottom of the AOS. This will need to "TEE" into the hose from the crank case vent in the above thing I described. I have a fitting I am going to send you today to allow this to connect up. You are going to have to install a fitting into the bottom of the AOS (90 degree one) then using the 5/16" hose, run it to the small leg of the 1/2" Tee fitting I am shipping you. make sure to install this tee as close to the block as you can.

The left over hose coming off the intake manifold needs to connect to the plastic one way valve I just shipped you, which is attached to the Y fitting.

Sorry for the huge delay on this. I will get some more things together shortly.






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