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4/3/14, We found a part we could vastly improve upon.

4/20/14, We had it ready to ship to customers. 

During exploration of the 2015 WRX, we found a part we could make much better than the OEM part and at the same time improve how the car feels. The shifter bushing that controls the front to back action on the transmission, uses a really soft rubber bushing to connect the cable to the shifting mechanism. This soft bushing deflects under shifting, creating a squishy feel in the front to back movement of the shifter. The new WRX 6spd tranny is shifted via cables as opposed to rods like the STI 6spd and older 5spds. This normally doesn't produce a spongy feel, but Subaru has installed really soft bushings to help reduce vibrations that cause this unwanted squishy feel.  As you can see from the video, the deflection is pretty large.


How Fast Can We Make This?

After coming up with idea for a new part, we thought, lets see how fast we can get these on the shelf for customers! 8 weeks to get to the point of being sell-able is normally pushing it. This involves the idea to happen, then the webpage to be built and other marketing material to be done before it gets to customers hands. Normally it takes months as there are many parts we end up spending time testing or it takes a couple of prototypes to get it right. In this case we did this all in 20 days from idea to shelf!

This is absolutely the fastest we have ever come up with a part and had it for sale as quick as we have. Also we are pretty sure that this is the first 2015 specific part that ANYONE has come up!

The best part about this is that its totally something you can feel the instant it's installed. Even better is the whole thing can be installed in 10-15 minutes!

Installation Instructions

Since this is so easy to install, below are the quick instructions to give you an idea of what is involved.

Raise your car up on jack stands or using a vehicle hoist. Locate shield protecting cable on right side of tranny.







Reinstall the large clip back into bracket, then reinstall metal plate.

Lower your car from the jack stands or hoist and shift away! It really is that easy to install! All you need is a pair of pliers and a 12mm socket and ratchet!

You can find this for sale on our website HERE!

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